The hugely-publicised meeting yesterday between industry luminaries Steve Jobs and Bill Gates ended up being a low-key trip down memory lane, with the two praising one another's work and reminiscing on the past. 

The historic meeting – the first time the two had shared a stage in a decade – was held at the "D: All Things Digital" conference, but failed to produce any landmark announcements.
Instead, the two ruminated on how they had gone from being the youngest players in the industry to frequently being the oldest in a room of technocrats.
They also discussed their early work together on making software for Apple's Apple II and Macintosh computers and the deal they struck in 1997 that helped rescue the company.
Apart from the on-stage meeting, both Microsoft and Apple used the event to unveil new products: Microsoft showed prototypes of its Surface computer and Apple detailed the features to be included in the next version of the iPhone.