Internet search is big business and the behemoths of the industry just keep on getting bigger and bigger. But at least one entrepreneor believes that there is a better way to deliver results to users who may not want millions of results returned for every search. 

As the number of sites available on the Web continues to grow, the big players are having to use increasingly complex algorithms to deliver relevant search results – but users can still get bogged down with the irrelevant and unwanted.
A new search engine was launched yesterday in California that reverts to a more directory-based search engine and relies on actual people to add relevant or popular sites to the listing. is a stripped-down search enginer that will handle the most popular requests in categories like travel, music, television, movies, cars, food, health, news and sport.
The company has 40 employees tracking for the best responses to the most repeated requests on the Web and adding them to the listing.
It will start with about 4 00 entries, with about 500 new pages due to be added each week.