A new-look Siemens, resulting from the global re-alignment of several businesses within the European IT giant, has opened its doors in South Africa. 

Trading as Siemens IT Solutions & Services, the company pools expertise from experiences IT service and solutions providers, established software houses and other Siemens business units to provide integrated customised solutions.
The company, with annual sales revenues of 6-billion Euros, and employing more than 43 000 people worldwide, is represented in more than 40 countries.
"IT is becoming more important to Siemens in every sphere of the organisation,” says Zunaid Mayet, CEO of Siemens IT Solutions & Services in South Africa. “With the majority of Siemens business underpinned by software or IT and with the high levels of competence and the full range of IT services available within the Siemens organisation, the question was how to leverage this to the benefit of the organisation – and our customers – as a whole.”
Responding to its customers' desire for one-stop shopping for comprehensive, industry specific solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and security, Siemens has created an IT environment that networks hardware and control levels through to production planning systems like ERP and MES as well as overarching corporate software.
“The logical step was to consolidate several business units under a single umbrella. In addition to the former Siemens Business Services (SBS), this includes the Business Innovation Centre (BIC), Development Innovations and Projects (DIP), Program and Systems Engineering (PSE), and Siemens Information Systems Ltd. (SISL),” says Mayet.
”Focused on IT solutions and software development, the obvious synergies made it ideal to use this capability to realign these units to work with other business units in the Siemens organisation and build integrated end-to-end solutions to take to market.”
He adds that the company’s strategy is governed by four focus areas: partnering with other Siemens groups to create new, one-stop solutions that enable Siemens products to be better integrated into its customers’ business processes and IT landscapes; evolving and growing historical outsourcing and IT solutions business; looking after the Siemens IT environment; and developing software for the products and systems of other Siemens groups.
“One only has to look at how IT and software development increasingly underpins products and solutions in the power, automotive, medical and telecommunications sectors to see the strategic importance of this development,” he adds.
The new organisation offers its clients a comprehensive portfolio of IT solutions and services based on the expertise gained from complex customer projects, professional operation of demanding IT applications and infrastructure, and the development of software relating to Siemens systems and products.
Mayet adds that the Group offers custom-tailored IT solutions in major process areas like supply chain, finance, business intelligence and customer relations, and is one of the top 10 players in IT outsourcing worldwide.
“As IT expertise is becoming increasingly important, having grown from a niche aspect to becoming the backbone of business operations, we are able to utilise the advantages of global division of labour and an international network of competence,” he says.
Acknowledging that there are no "one size fits all" solutions to improving efficiency, optimising business processes and reducing costs, Mayet says that industry expertise and in-depth knowledge is the key to success.
“Siemens IT Solutions & Services will work in close partnership with other Siemens Groups to strengthen our activities in vertical markets ranging from the automotive and process industries through to financial services, public security, employment service and public administration,” he says.
In South Africa, Mayet says the local company can leverage off its international portfolio and now has far broader access to experts in technologies, markets and industries such as telecommunications and power.
“From a competence and cost perspective, we are able to provide end-to-end, tailor-made integrated solutions to customers with mass production and economies of scale offering a significant cost advantage while ensuring the quality, security and reliability of their IT environments."