The "father of data warehousing", Bill Inmon, will run a three-day certification course in South Africa this month. 

Africa BI Symposium 2007 will deliver new insight into the latest data warehousing strategies, approaches and technologies – as well as a three-day DW 2.0 certification facilitated by Inmon, a world renowned expert with 35 years experience in the field of data warehousing.
Data warehousing is the foundation of, and a key ingredient in the success of BI, making it the logical focus for this, the first of a series of annual symposiums on BI.
The DW 2.0 certification provides Data Warehouse and BI professionals with insight into Data Warehouse technologies, approaches and decisions, and how they impact the greater organisation.
Globalisation and the requirement to view business issues and processes from an elevated level means smarter Data Warehousing approaches need to be applied. A platform with a sound architectural framework that can deliver a single view of the enterprise is critical.
However, there are many options and approaches, and the available local data warehousing skills need to be developed, honed and refined to leverage these options. Bill Inmon's DW 2.0 certification will equip local professionals with the necessary expertise to take them into the next generation of data warehousing.
 Inmon, who is also the author of Data Warehousing and co-creator of the Corporate Information of Factory, comments: "DW2.0 is based on my vision for the
future of data warehousing, offering attendees a model example of what a data warehouse should be."
After successfully completing the exam based on the three-day course, the attendee is listed on the Bill Inmon website as having completed the certification process.
"This will benefit the local market as South Africa features some distinct successes with data warehousing but has also had some spectacular failures. Equipping local data warehousing and BI professionals and architects will ensure more successful and sustainable data warehouse and BI programs within organisations."
The curriculum includes issues such as the life cycle of data within the data warehouse; the inclusion of unstructured data with structured data; meta data as a tightly integrated part of the data warehouse; and the pressing requirement to handle huge amounts of data within the organisation.
Africa BI Symposium 2007 will take place at Emperors Palace, Gauteng, from 25 to 27 June 2007.