LG Electronics, a major player in the global flat panel display market, has introduced its new LC7 series of LCD TVs. Launched globally, these new models incorporate LG’s quality features and technology such as enhanced contrast ratio, Simple Link and True Viewing Angle technology.

“Flat panel TVs are becoming mainstream products – they are not just for tech-savvy consumers anymore,” says HB Lim, digital display product manager at LG Electronics in South Africa. “LG has a long history of creating technologically advanced TVs and we utilised this experience to create the LC7 series, which upgrades LCD TVs to a premium level.”
The LC7 series sports a high 10,000:1 contrast ratio for a richer, more defined image and darker blacks than most LCD TVs. The LC7 series also offers a 5 milliseconds response time, far superior to most other LCD TVs in the same price range. This will ensure that viewers obtain a clear, fluid picture, even with fast moving images.
A 178-degree viewing angle ensures that the LC7 televisions can be viewed from anywhere in a room without sacrificing contrast ratio or colour uniformity. Simple Link makes it easier to control compatible devices, such as DVD players and home theater systems, connected to any of the LC7’s ports, including the two HDMI ports. LG’s proprietary Dimple Speaker system creates unexpectedly rich and clear sound from speakers that blend seamlessly with the TV’s design.
The 42-inch version of the LC7 series offers an additional advantage over most other similarly priced brands. Most manufacturers make 40-inch TVs, a full two inches smaller diagonally than the 42-inch LC7, which provides an additional 10,25% viewing area for a more immersive experience.
The LC7 series LCD TVs from LG have a sleek modern look that will fit into any room. LG’s unique wave bar design at the bottom of the panel lends to the visual interest while the elegant façade comes in both matte and glossy piano black to suit customers’ tastes.
The LC7 series will be launched in the Middle East, Asia and Africa region in July. The TVs are available in 26-, 32-, 37-, and 42-inch models.