VIA Technologies' Ultra Mobile Platform has won the prestigious “Best of Computex Award” for the best IC (integrated circuit) design at Computex, running this week in Taipei. 

Comprising the 1GHz VIA C7-M ULV processor and VIA VX700 mobile system media processor, the all-in-one digital media IGP chipset, the VIA Ultra Mobile Platform won the honour due to its ultra power efficient design, rich media integration and significant platform size reduction.
The VIA Ultra Mobile Platform for Ultra Mobile Devices (UMDs) can be found inside many ultra mobile products on display at this year’s show.
"We’re delighted to be recognized for our innovative work in designing ultra power efficient mobile processors and highly integrated chipsets,” says Epan Wu, deputy director: CPU product marketing at VIA Technologies. “It’s good to have our goal of being the platform of choice for Mobility 2.0 validated by the judges of this prestigious ICT trade show.”
Mobility 2.0 is defined as going beyond today's limited mobile Internet to a full-featured Web 2.0 browsing and computing experience at the fingertips through the next generation of Ultra Mobile Devices (UMDs).
Weighing under a kilogram, UMDs are based on the x86 architecture, and bridge the gap between the notebook and the mobile phone, bringing the benefits of a PC with all the applications, information and entertainment users require to an ultra portable handheld form factor.