Tellumat Radio Communications, the wireless technology specialist in the Tellumat group, has been awarded a three-year deal as the sole supplier of microwave radio links that will help power the national network of Neotel, the country’s second national fixed-line operator. 

Tellumat will produce its locally-designed and -developed HighReach Digital Radio family at its Electronics Manufacturing facility in Cape Town to satisfy the low-to-medium capacity link requirements (up to 70Mbps), making up 75% of the contract.
The balance of the requirement is for high capacity links and these will be imported until the company has extended its product family to include high-capacity links.  The products traverse the entire frequency spectrum of fixed point-to-point microwave transmission (7GHz to 38GHz).
The equipment will be used across Neotel’s national network as interconnect links between base station sites or to provide direct access to the network for corporate and wholesale customers.
Geoff Carey, managing executive of Tellumat Radio Communications, says far more than just product supply is involved. Tellumat will also perform the radio planning and provide services in the form of installation and commissioning of the links for the interconnect-backhaul component of the network roll-out
 A Service Level Agreement is included for ongoing maintenance and support services so that Tellumat is responsible for the entire life span of the products.
“Considerable numbers are involved,” he adds. “Even a mature network typically requires in excess of 500 links per annum; a new network is likely to have a much bigger need.”