The Church of England and Sony have begun discussions about issues surrounding the game "Resistance: the Fall of Man" which shows violent gunfights inside what appears to be Manchester Cathedral. 

Earlier, the church demanded that Sony apologise and donate part of the game's profits; or remove the scenes from the PlayStation 3 game. Manchester is a city plagued with gun violence and the cathedral has often been used for memorial services for gub violence victims.
A Sony spokesman says the company takes the church's views seriously, but talks could take time with such a complex problem.
The idea in the game was to depict the interior of a church rather than a specific church, says the spokesman, who does acknowledge that same scenes bear a resemblance to the historic cathedral.
Sony understands the Church of England was offended especially because of its efforts to reduce gun violence in Manchester, but the spokesman declined to comment on whether Sony would donate money to such efforts.
The games has already sold about 2-million copies.