The first "space jet", designed to take tourist on a 30-minute junket to space, has been unveiled and wiill be operational as early as nest year. 

The new craft, unveiled in Paris yesterday by European space company EADS, looks like a conventional jet with rocket engines.
The first commercial flights will probably take place in 2012.
Fares will probably range from $199 000.00 to $265 000.00, for travellers to travel in relative comfort to an altitude of 37 miles.
The space jet will debark from normal airports, using normal procedures. Once it reaches the right altitude, rocjet engines will be deployed to take it to it's "cruising" sltitude.
The four passengers on board would look down on the earth and experience weightlessness for about three minutes.
Currently, space tourists need to pay millions of dollars to travel in the relatively uncomfortable Russian craft.