Verizon SA has paid up in a dispute with Internet Solutions (IS) over proprietary information allegedly obtained for Verizon from a former IS employee. 

On 30 August 2006, IS obtained an Anton Piller-type search-and-siezure order against Verizon SA and a former IS employee.
The order was obtained on the basis of evidence that Verizon was in possession of and was unlawfully using proprietary information of IS which IS contended Verizon had obtained unlawfully, through its former employee, and was using that proprietary information to compete unlawfully and unfairly with IS.
The search-and-seizure operation was conducted on 31 August 2006 and resulted in the discovery of more than 108 documents, both electronic and hard copy, many of which were IS-branded and were indisputably the exclusive property of  IS, according to a statement from IS.
The statement contends that the documentation included confidential customer lists of IS, key intellectual property of IS, and other trade secrets and confidential information of IS.
Shortly after the search-and-seizure operation Verizon agreed to return the misappropriated documentation to IS, and the documentation was restored to IS.
Yesterday (14 June), Verizon made a settlement offer to IS in respect of which that it would pay for, among other things, all IS’ legal costs to date.
According to the IS statement, the company accepted the settlement offer and considers the matter resolved.