Codima Technologies, a leading software developer that delivers network discovery and visual mapping tools as well as VoIP management including pre-assessment, traffic simulation, post-deployment monitoring and troubleshooting tools has appointed Compliant IT as its southern African partner.  

Compliant IT specialises in the IT security space which includes compliance solutions to the spate of new regulations that are laid down by the government.
Confirming the appointment of Compliant IT Christer Mattsson, CEO at Codima, says organisations today depend on their networks for their business success.
“To know what is in your network and manage your network is key. Our experienced team has created Codima Toolbox an easy to use best practice solution that brings good value and in partnering with Compliant IT Codima Toolbox will enter the Southern African market.
“Codima Toolbox is a value proposition providing network discovery and a visual mapping solution using Microsoft Office Visio to significantly improve infrastructure inventory as well as a VoIP management solution ‘from beginning to end’ to help ensure successful VoIP implementations.”
In addition to being a key solutions provider to Microsoft Visio IT Pro Toolbox, autoMap, autoAsset and autoVoIP have been officially accepted as Avaya Compliant and Codima is an Avaya DevConnect Gold partner.
Brian Little, business development director at Compliant IT, says the network discovery and visual mapping of Codima complements the company’s portfolio of products.
“We have a sound array of software and appliances to meet the security requirements at all levels of the enterprise and with the addition of the network discovery tool I don’t think we are rivalled in this market. Added to that is our strict approach of our route to market whereby we sell only through our selected channel.”
Little adds that with the VoIP market reaching a stage where demand is increasing steadily, it is necessary for tools like these to become part of the systems that integrators, service providers and Customers make use of to not only deliver their technologies but also to manage their quality of service at an acceptable level.
The Codima Toolbox includes:
* autoMap – maps any infrastructure or a VoIP network using Microsoft Office Visio, and discovers and reports on any software or hardware installed;
* autoAsset – discovers and reports on any software and hardware in any infrastructure;
* autoVoIP – monitors and troubleshoots VoIP networks with One-Click Management in realtime;
* autoVoIP –  consultancy kit monitors, maps and analyses, including flow and RTP analysing, in realtime;
* autoAnalyzer – consultancy kit analyses, maps and troubleshoots any infrastructure in realtime with remote management; and
* autoVoIP Traffic Simulator – simulates traffic and tests VoIP networks.