The latest version of the ICT Charter is the one that will be signed by IT industry bodies and will be the guideline for ICT companies pursuing BEE objectives. 

A representative from the Black IT Forum (BITF) yesterday told delegates to a SangoNet conference that the final draft of the Charter has been submitted and is the one that will be adopted.
She did not give an indication of when this was likely to happen.
Signatories to the ICT Charter are likely to include industry associations the BITF, the Computer Society of SA, the Electronics Industry Forum and the SA Communications Forum; also all government departments linked to the IT sector; Cosatu; and ICASA.
At the same conference, Khehla Shubane, CEO of the Business Map Foundation, lamented the fact the corporate social investment (CSI) merits such a low score in both the DTI's BBBEE codes and the ICT Charter.
"CSI seems to be the dim point in BEE, meriting very little emphasis," he says.
Media and goverment seem to have focused on the equity element of BEE, he says, to the detriment of other elements – and especially CSI.
"This limp-wristed approach by the authors of the codes suggests they are not as au fait with this issue as with others.
"The points for CSI have diminished from the draft codes and my guess is that it will continue to diminish as part of BEE.
"I do believe CSI needs to get air time on its own so it doesn't have to compete with other areas. We are not seeing companies tripping over themselves to comply with this area."