Acer South Africa expanded its share of the local projector and display markets during the first quarter of this year, establishing itself as the largest supplier of LCD displays to the local market and the second biggest player in the projector market. 

"Our LCDs and projectors cover a full range of market segments from the entry level right up to the top-end of the market," says David Drummond, country manager at Acer South Africa.
"The depth and breadth of quality products at competitive prices is one of the major factors in our growth during the first quarter. We are in a strong position to further expand our share of the display and projector markets during the rest of 2007."
According to research conducted by Context, Acer South Africa achieved an 18,6% share of total LCD unit shipments for the first quarter. It was the number one supplier of 17-inch, 19-inch, 20-inch, 21-inch and 22-inch LCD displays for the quarter.
"Acer's range of LCD screens caters for every need, from the gamer who wants a screen with an excellent response time to the office user who needs a big, widescreen monitor that gives them a better viewing experience," says Drummond.
"In recent months, we've expanded our range to include large, widescreen monitors of 20-inch and above to capitalise on the growth in this segment. We now have a range that runs from 17-inch to 26-inch monitors, putting us in a strong position to compete for business from consumers and professional users in the months to come."
According to data from Pacific Media Associates, Acer South Africa is also the second largest supplier of projectors to the South African market for the first quarter of 2007 with a total market share of 20,1%. This represents significant growth in Acer's market share from 13,9% for the first quarter and 18,5% for the fourth quarter last year.
Says Drummond: "Acer's projectors are earning a reputation for performance, reliability and affordability in the South African market. Our products are based on the latest updates of the advanced DLP (Digital Light Processing) micro sized chipset to offer designs that are slim, portable and affordable.
"Right from our entry-level to our high-end products, Acer offers high quality and performance for users that want compelling home entertainment, or who need to give professional presentations on a budget. The products all support a wide range of input sources, deliver sharp images, and offer superb ergonomic and ease of use features," he adds.