US President George W Bush is to award Xerox the National Medal of Technology. 

The award recognises over 50 years of Xerox innovation in marking, materials, electronics and communications that created the modern reprographics, electronic printing and print-on-demand industries.
Rob Abraham, MD of local Xerox distributor Bytes Document Solutions, says: "Since its inception in 1961, the Xerox brand has become synonymous with innovative document solutions, services and systems. It is respected for its quality machines that constantly offer excellent results."
Abraham adds that the award is recognition of the work of the scientists and engineers who are at Xerox today, and everyone who has contributed to Xerox's innovations over the years.
The National Medal of Technology is the highest honour awarded by the US president to America's leading innovators.
The medal is given annually to individuals, teams, and companies or divisions for their outstanding contributions to the nation's economic, environmental and social wellbeing through the development and commercialisation of technology products, processes and concepts; technological innovation; and development of the nation's technological manpower.
Xerox is to be honoured during a ceremony at the White House.