While 3G and HSDPA tend to get the headlines when it comes to broadband connectivity over mobile networks, Edge still has a significant role to play in the South African market. 

That's the word from Tim Lowry, the new CEO of MTN, addressing the media at a briefing this morning.
"Edge is often overlooked, but it is particularly relevant in South Africa and will be a large provider," he says.
Of significance is that fact that almost 100% of the GSM network can offer Edge services, making it far more accessible than any of the newer services.
In addition, there are a wealth of devices that can offer Edge functionality as well.
"For me, Edge is exciting," says Lowry. "We have to make technology relevant and available to the whole nation – and Edge can do that now, and is available to all of us."
Data currently accounts for just more than 8% of MTN's revenues, but is growing at about 50% per year.