Oracle has posted healthy fourth-quarter and year-end results, with profit for the quarter ended May 2007 climbing 23% to $1,6-billion.  

The company ended 2006 with a 47% share of the database market, according to Gartner, more than the combined total of the two next closest competitors. It also grew its business applications market share from 4% to 5,8% – rapidly closing on SAP, which holds 9,4% of that market.
Full-year revenue in 2006 increased 25% to hit $18-billion for the first time.
Revenue during the fourth quarterhit $5,83-billion, a 20% increase from last year.
Meanwhile, sales of new product licenses rose 17% during the quarter to $2,48-billion.
The huge revenues and profits have co-incided with a spending spree by the software vendor, which has snapped up about 30 new companies for about $25-billion – and it plans to continue in the same vein going forward.