SITA has been selected by the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide a secure global wide area network (WAN) for its 45 embassies worldwide and 18 consulates in France. 

The migration from a legacy network environment to an IP-based network is expected to deliver cost savings exceeding $3-million over a five-year period and it is also the first time that SITA has been tapped by a national government to provide this type of service.
Due to the nature of governmental activity, the WAN needs to be highly secure. Not only is the solution SITA brings to the table very secure, it also allows many of the sites across the globe to leverage Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to drive down communication costs.
Menad Habbak, director of technical services at the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, comments: “SITA’s reputation in the global arena is unrivalled. We looked at existing solutions and compared them to what SITA presented, and the decision was an easy one. We wanted a highly secure, competitive and global solution, and that is exactly what they provided.”
SITA’s solution comprises the underlying network, an Internet Protocol (IP)-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) for connectivity with high-level security built in, DSL access to the VPN, VoIP services to reduce communication spend, and local 24/7 service management.
Potential future services being discussed on top of the initial agreement include Internet Direct, SITA’s international Internet backbone infrastructure which routes access requests to the Internet, and SITA IP Fax, a set of global IP e-mail-based fax services designed for enterprises that exchange large quantities of business-critical documents, such as embassies and consulates.