Friday saw the long-awaited launch of Apple's iPhone in many markets around the world – although South Africans will have to wait some months for the product, this could mean some of the early glitches will have been eliminated before we have to shell out the $499.00 to $599.00 Apple is charging for the device. 

The iPhone boasts triple functionality – as a cellular phone, an iPod music player and an Internet device – and people queued for up to 24 hours to be among the first to get their hands on it.
In an interesting twist, the iPhone's Internet connectivity is via EDGE, rather than the newer and faster 3G. The reasons gived are EDGE's reach compared to the highly localised availability of 3G networks.
This echoes similar statements made last week by MTN's new CEO Tim Lowry, who urged companies and individuals to consider EDGE as a serious communications technology.
Meanwhile, iPhone reviews are largely positive, with some crticism being levelled at the speed of network connectivity and some user interface glitches.
Apple also seems to have miscalculated demand for the product, and is expected to run out of stock.