Ericsson has successfully completed the world's first live network trial for next-generation 40Gbps optical transmission technology. 

Conducted over Telstra's existing 10Gbps optical fibre routes in Australia last month, the trial demonstrated that the company's existing 10Gbps Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) transmission technology, which carries voice, data and video, can be increased to 40Gbps without making major changes to the network.
"This is an extremely exciting development and one that is also very relevant here in Africa," says Pieter van der Westhuizen, vice president: networks and sales support, for Ericsson's Market Unit sub-Saharan Africa (MUSA).
"Operators running large optical fibres between major cities can now look forward to boosting the performance and potential of their infrastructure without the huge costs associated with upgrading the physical cables in the ground."
Once this additional feature becomes commercially available it will further enhance Ericsson's existing widely deployed DWDM solution, Marconi MHL 3000, and will allow operators to quickly and economically upgrade network capacity to meet anticipated levels of IP traffic growth and bandwidth demands.