US-based technology companies are ceding their places in BusinessWeek's IT Top 100 Companies rankings, with five of the top 10 spots taken by organisations in the developing world. takes the top spot in the prestigious survey, with Apple Computer at Number 6, AT&T at Number 7 and Microsoft on Number 9.
From the rest of the world, America Movil is placed in Number 2, Telefonica in Number 3, Hon Hai Precision in Number 4, Telenor in Numebr 5, Nintendo in Number 8 and China Mobile in Number 10.
Canadian-based Blackberry-maker Research in Motion just missed the Top 10, slipping in at Number 11.
Many of the Top 100 are taked up with Internet or cellular companies, indicating that both the dotcom and telecommunications busts seem to be over and the companies associated with it now performing at top speed.
Most of the traditional IT vendors are featured in the Top 100, with Cisco appearing at Number 20, IBM at Number 21 anf Oracle at Number 22.
In addition, Siemens puts in an appearance at Number 34, HP at Number 35 and nVidia at Number 36; Canon is placed at Number 51, Ericcson at Number 55 and Toshiba at Number 68.
Further down the line, EMC comes in at Number 85 and Acer at Number 97.