Business success is dependent on the performance of employees and building leadership capacity is essential to enhance operations.

This is according to Vicki Shaw, CEO of the Centre for Conscious Leadership (CCL), a South African consulting organisation specialising in leadership learning and transformation.
The core focus of CCL is on system-wide interventions to support organizations in embracing learning as a means of gaining competitive advantage through introducing new ways of thinking, organising and behaving.
“These team interventions focus on improved ways of working, optimizing inter-personal dynamics and collective accountability to deliver sustainable performance,” says Shaw. “We believe that in order to deliver sustainable value and returns, leadership interventions need to align with both the strategic requirements of the organisation, other initiatives in the system, as well as the needs of the individual.”
According to Shaw transforming the business is more about transforming leaders than anything else.
“Leaders that know who they are, what they want and how they can create and innovate, and are motivated to deliver. When this energy is aligned to what the business is trying to achieve, a winning formula is created,” she says.
While there is widespread understanding of the need to harmonize people dynamics within the workplace, the premise that there is value associated with individual growth as a means of underpinning organisational performance is not recognized by executives.
“If organisations embraced the philosophy that organizations do not transform, people do, then the question of how business adapts to changes in the market and the environment takes on a new meaning,” adds Shaw.
The message from CCL to decision-makers is clear: find the time to listen more intently to staff – know what they want and think, identify what gives them meaning.
“Understanding what drives behaviour and aligning this with business goals will have a significant impact on the bottom line. This is what we mean by ‘grow the individual to grow the business,” Shaw says.