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Expand Networks is addressing SAP performance issues over the WAN, enabling global enterprises to reliably deliver the application and successfully execute strategic server and storage consolidation initiatives.

“SAP is a mission critical application for many enterprises with distributed workforces and one of the key business tools assisting organisations to become more agile and competitive,” comments Brandon Rochat, sales director of Expand Networks Africa.  
He says that in the high latency, low bandwidth environment of the WAN however; SAP performance can be severely affected, resulting in slow response times and reduced remote user productivity. By optimising the performance of SAP over the WAN and reducing deployment costs, Expand Networks’ Compass platform ensures workforce productivity and customer satisfaction.
The multiple integrated technologies of Expand Networks’ Compass platform mitigate against the negative impact of the WAN by accelerating SAP to remote users for all SAP architectures, guaranteeing improved performance and productivity.
Compression features increase network capacity on average by 400% removing congestion, while acceleration rates of at least 500% address protocol limitations; reducing chattiness and lessening latency.
In addition, QoS services prioritise SAP over non-business and other web traffic to eradicate congestion for the mission critical application.
Compass also improves SAP Citrix deployments by differentiating and then prioritising applications within Citrix, enabling SAP over Citrix highest priority. The optimisation of Citrix traffic allows the number of Citrix sessions supported at remote sites to be increased without a bandwidth upgrade.
Kingspan, a global manufacturer of construction products, is one of Expand’s 1 450 customers and can attest to the attributes of Compass in a SAP Citrix environment. Kingspan was running SAP networked services and Citrix clients to streamline operations and increase business efficiency.
Kingspan deployed Compass and experienced a threefold increase in throughput, averaging 6MB over 2MB links, avoiding an expensive bandwidth upgrade and providing the necessary performance boost to support SAP and Citrix applications.
In a modern WAN, full or partial packet transparency is essential for successful integration of different network services that rely on header data. In order to provide full transparency for compressed traffic such as SAP, Expand Networks was the first vendor to offer Transparency Mode, originally called Router Transparency Mode.
In Transparency Mode, the full IP header and TCP and UDP headers are preserved and the network has full visibility of all IP flows. Using Transparency Mode, all of the enterprise’s current and future services are guaranteed to function properly, enabling full integration between the Compass platform’s compression and acceleration algorithms and guaranteeing compatibility with all current and future advanced WAN technologies.
“Compass accelerates SAP business applications over the WAN ensuring it achieves its maximum potential, resulting in improved end user productivity and reduced network costs,” says Rochat. “With the capabilities to optimise all types of SAP deployments, in addition to all other IP business applications, Compass provides the platform for enterprises to ensure successful SAP projects and confidently roll out consolidation initiatives.”