A shortage of relevant skills and staff capacity are still the biggest inhibitors preventing government from implementing ICT strategies. They are  closely followed by budget constraints.

These are some of the findings of ForgeAhead's recent ICT in Government survey, which examined the current status of national goverment and where it is moving in the coming year.
Nicky Pope, research director: national government at ForgeAhead, says about 40% of CIOs also pointed to poor co-ordination within departments and a lack of technology resources as other inhibitors.
CIOs also identified burn out as a major issue: with the market growing faster than the skills pool and the Internet increasing job fluidity. This means there is more of a need for leadership, rather than traditional management skills.
E-Security also came under the spotlight in the survey, which reveals that government CIOs are investing in security software, especially in the areas of anti-virus, firewalls and anti-spam.
In addition, most departments have protected their data and system integrity through password protection (90%), user directories (60%) and logging of terminal activities (10%).