BT, which has had a fairly low-key presence in the South African market for 15 years, is planning a major expansion of its local operations – expecting to triple the number of customers it has here within the next 18 months. 

And, according to MD Brian Armstrong, it will all be organic growth, not through acquisition.
"We will double our revenue largely through organic growth," he says. "We know the customers and what they are going after; and see a demand for our services that will allow us to double our business."
Although the organisation expects to double its revenues, it will do this by tripling its number of customers from the current 700 to more than 2 000, Arrmstrong adds.
BT offers a complete network infrastructure and telecommunications service for global companies. It is in the process of rolling out a 100% converged IP network around the globe, its 21CN (21st century network), which should be fully operational by 2009.