A new competitor has entered the telephony and broadband market, with a wireless IP network, supplying a full wireless telephone and broadband infrastructure, set to be operational in the Pretoria region by mid-September. 

Skycom Technologies is implementing the network as the first of three planned for the country.
The company has signed a deal with RTX Network Systems for a complete wireless IP Network System infrastructure and a full range of customer terminals (cordless handsets, repeaters, wireless adapters for analog telephones, fax machines and modems), featuring VoIP telephony via DECT/SIP and data access via 802.11g (WiFi).
The RTX Wireless IP Network System is designed to help teleoperators in developing and developed countries to establish an organised telecommunications infrastructure, which provides complete wireless voice and data connectivity within a region. The Wireless IP Network System offers solutions for market opportunities that are not being met by existing fixed line and cellular network alternatives.
"This is the first of three projects we are planning to deploy already within this year. With the Wireless IP Network System from RTX Network Systems we
can supply a competitive public phone service in selected clusters of households with coverage in a whole country," says Martin Botha, chairman of the Skycom Group of Companies.
Skycom is also committed to provide low-cost telephony services and solutions to the previously disadvantaged market, especially where fixed-line communications have proven to be troublesome for the current fixed-line and mobile solutions market.
Based on IP, VoIP, DECT and WLAN technology the Wireless IP Network System solution offers teleoperators and end-users a middle-ground to fixed
line and mobile cellular services by extending mobility to the fixed line at a lower cost point, while also enabling the advantages of an IP-based, softswitch driven wireless network with cellular capabilities and high-speed broadband WLAN based (802.11g) internet access.