The call centre industry could get a significant boost if it is able to access the National Skills Fund (NSF) for training and recruiting new skills. 

The Gauteng Economic Development Agency (Geda) and the Department of Labour has set up a briefing session for call centre employers to discuss the needs and opportunities within the industry.
The Department of Labour (DoL) administers the National Skills Fund (NSF), which is available for the training of unemployed candidates to enter the industry. It is compulsory that 80% of candidates should be placed in sustainable employment for a period of between six and 12 months following the training.
The briefing, which will take place on 16 July, will discuss the training requirements for people wishing to enter the industry; the employment opportunities and levels of income they can expect to receive once trained; and expansion programmes and growth strategies of a call centre employers in Gauteng.
Should call centre employers indicate there is a need for funding to train unemployed people and if they can guarantee employment for periods of up to 12 months, they may be able to access funding from the NSF.