Sony on Friday apologised unreservedly to the people of Manchester for using interior images of Manchester Cathedral in violent, gory scenes for its Playstation 3 game Resistance: Fall of Man.

The Church of England had accused Sony of "virtual desecration" over some of the game's battle scenes between aliens and humans inside the cathedral.
The Manchester Evening News says it received both a letter and an advert from Sony expressing regret for offending the cathedral's congregation and wider community.
MEN quotes David Reeves, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe: "It is clear to us that the connection between the congregation and the cathedral is a deeply personal and spiritual one.
"As a result, it is also clear that we have offended some of the congregation by using the cathedral in our science-fiction game. It was never our intention to offend anyone in the making of this game, and we would like to apologise unreservedly to them for causing that offence, and to all parts of the community who we might also have offended."
But while Reeves assured the church that Manchester Cathedral would not be used in any future games, it is still in talks with cathedral lawyers because it has, as yet,  not agreed to withdraw the game and make a donation to the UK's anti-gun crime movement as requested by the church.
MEN also reports that the cathedral has released a set of "sacred digital guidelines" aimed at manufacturers and retailers, and has urged firms to avoid making violent games.
In a statement, it states, the Dean of Manchester Cathedral, the Very Reverend Rogers Govender, says: "We still fear that the next buildings to be cloned for virtual desecration could be a mosque, synagogue, temple or other church."