Obviously the state of China has something the Church of England doesn't – the ability to get game-makers to change the content of their games. 

The latst version of World of Warcraft (WoW), the online fantasy game, has debuted in China – but there are some significant differences to the game as seen by the rest of the world.
In the Chinese version, the skeletons that are a major feature of the game have been fleshed out, while the bones used to symbolise dead characters have been changed to graves.
A Chinese newspaper quotes a spokesmen for The9, which runs the game in China, as saying the changes were made according to "China's particular situation and relevant regulations."
Further, they were designed to "promote a healthy and harmonious online environment".
Last month, the Church of England asked Sony to change images in one of its games that shows gunmen rampaging through Manchester Cathedral. Sony has apologised to the Church but shows no signs of changing the game.