Fluke has assigned the South African copyright in its products to Comtest, in a move to limit "grey" or parallel importing into the country. 

Peter Verwer, MD of Comtest, says: “This will effectively make it much harder and more costly for Fluke  parallel imports or grey goods”to be sold in South Africa.
"If the companies currently parallel importing Fluke products into South Africa, do not abide by the South African laws governing parallel imports or grey goods, Comtest is entitled to lay criminal charges and institute legal proceedings against these companies."
The Fluke Copyright agreement gives Comtest the exclusive right to reproduce, or to authorize others to reproduce the Fluke copyright works in South Africa. These works include labels and features of get-up, instruction leaflets, booklets and the like describing characteristics and/or the manner of use of the products.
South African law requires grey or parallel imports to clearly disply notices, fixed to the product, to the effect that they are "grey goods" and are not supplied with the authority of the official distributor, nor are they necessarily guaranteed or serviced by the distributor or its principal.
Comtest is the sole authorised distributor of Fluke Industrial and Electrical test tools and Fluke Precision Measurement in southern Africa.