Managers are taking the prospect of a migration to a Linux or open source messaging distribution platform more seriously than has been the case in the past. 

This is accordint to Yossi Hasson, MD at Synaq, who was speaking at a recent business-building information and technology demonstration session.
Hasson says there is a marked increase in level of awareness and adoption around Linux-based infrastructure. "The local market is paying particular attention to the current global trend of coporate’s switching from Exchange Server to an Linux or open source e-mail and messaging distribution platform.
"The motivation to pursuit this route in technology adoption in earnest is based on the associated benefits that include improved levels of infrastructure management, control and enhanced operational efficiency. Incorporating this infrastructure does lower the total cost of ownership. This is relevant, especially from a local market perspective."
Another important factor driving this trend is greater access to a variety of solutions entering the market.
"In the past companies had little choice in terms of Linux-based or open source solutions that were distributed, managed and supported by reputable service providers. Today, largely because of innovation, competition and accessibility, there are more solutions on offer in the market and more that can be supported.
"With this wider scope of available solutions and service, the client or consumer has become more astute in terms of what they require from technology and whether solutions can really measure up. Linux represents a credible, exciting alternative to existing platforms," says Hasson.
Users, especially those within the corporate environment, are eager to engage with service providers and technology vendors to help identify products that will propel them ahead of competition.