As consumers increasingly rely on digital media to secure their important documents and valuable personal content, they often fear that changes in technology may render their data inaccessible.

“Pinnacle Micro can offer a Western Digital (WD) solution that comes in the form of the My Book Premium ES Edition external hard drive, which incorporates external Serial ATA (eSATA) and USB 2.0,” says Shane Hutchinson, WD brand manager at Pinnacle Micro.
“eSATA uses the same interface technology that has become standard inside PCs,” says Hutchinson. “It is designed to connect peripherals such as external hard drives with the same data transfer speed as internal components. Use of eSATA is increasing with the expectation that its high performance will drive it to be the next standard interconnect for external devices, offering an obsolescence prevention plan for consumers.”
He adds that an increasing number of consumers’ content stored on computers and storage devices is video and music. eSATA offers consumers higher performance for multimedia applications such as streaming music or movies, or video editing. The eSATA interface on My Book Premium ES Edition can move data to and from a PC or Mac as fast as 300Mb per second – much faster than USB 2.0, which has a standard transfer rate of about 60Mbps.
PC and Mac compatible, My Book Premium ES Edition includes EMC Retrospect Express HD 2.0 backup software, which provides users that tools needed to back up and restore a single file or an entire system in a few simple steps.
As with the rest of the My Book storage system family, the Premium ES Edition is elegantly designed in a book shape, has a small footprint and offers simplification of its advanced features. No CD is required for installation; the included software loads from the drive the first time it’s plugged in.
Further, its intelligent drive management system – SmartPower – automatically powers the device on and off with the computer, the Safe Shutdown feature ensures data is saved before shutting down and LED activity lights, including a capacity gauge, make this Edition simpler to use.