Research house Frost & Sullivan will host an analyst briefing teleconference on the current state of the African Internet services market this Thursday 19 July 2007 at 4pm CAT which South Africans can participate in via a toll-free number.

The briefing will provide a comprehensive overview of the current levels of Internet usage and demand in Africa by analysing which services are in the highest demand and identifying the companies that currently supply them. A highlight of the briefing will be the identification of potential opportunities and threats for selected markets, leading to an indication of which markets are set to show the highest levels of growth.
"Investments into infrastructure and aggressive government initiatives are not sufficient for the growth of the Internet in Africa," says Frost & Sullivan research analyst Spiwe Chireka. "Governments need to realise that growth is hampered by restrictive regulatory policies and the incumbent monopolies that keep the costs of Internet services high on the continent."
This briefing will benefit existing Internet services providers and telecommunications operators (both fixed and mobile) by outlining the status of the Internet markets in which they are operating or looking to expand into. Industry regulators and ISP equipment suppliers will also gain from the market-related insights.
Those interested in participating in this interactive teleconference should send an E-mail to Patrick Cairns at with the following information: full name, company name, title, telephone number, E-mail address, city and country.
Registration details will be E-mailed upon receipt of the above information.