A call to arms has been issued to the IT industry to lead a revolution in ICT access and usage throughout South Africa.

Roy Padayachee, deputy minister of communications, today called on delegates to the Internetix conference to join what he describes as a revolution to turn South Africa into a digital society.
Government has introduced a new programme, ICT for All, that attempts to broaden the use of, and access to, information and communication through all  levels of society.
Padayachee says government has set the stage for broad transformation through legislation designed to ease the provision of broadband access which will help to foster a more inclusive society.
The new ICT for All programme aims to set up an enabling environment for ICT access and a shared knowledge economy.
"The reality is that we live in an increasingly globalised and digitally networked economy," says Padayachee.
For South Africa to become a player in this world knowledge economy, he says, the country has to become a more inclusive society.
"What is needed is nothing short of a revolution in ICT to make South Africa a leading nation," he adds.
The revolution requires for every sector of society, from government and the private sector, to people in the streets, to become excited and passionate about ICT, Padayachee adds.