Hewlett-Packard SA today officially appointed a new channel executive to replace Thierry Boulanger, who was recently promoted to head up its Imaging and Printing Group (IPG) in the region.

Mark Perry, formerly storage sales specialist at HP, says he is relishing the challenge of taking the company's channel operations and, in particular, its Preferred Partner Programme to its next level.
"HP introduced the Preferred Partner Programme three years ago and Thierry Boulanger has taken it from nothing to where it is now," says Perry. "It's a very advanced programme and Thierry has created a very strong operation around it. What's expected of me is to now concentrate on growing that operation.
"I come from a strong sales background and feel I can do that," he adds. "I can do that very effectively, and I'm bringing a lot of different skills to the table."
Boulanger, as well as senior channel VPs within EMEA who were involved in the selection process, have no doubts that they have the right man for the job in Perry.
"There is no revolution in our partner programme," Boulanger says. "The next step is to ensure that sales increase and we are now training more focus around sales as opposed to just the programme itself. This is an area in which Mark Perry is very strong."
And, just hours into the job, Perry has little doubt about what HP can now offer its channel partners to boost sales.
"Where we've got to get focus is in the fact that HP is now bringing a lot of software to the marketplace, either via development or acquisitions, and that software is one of the essentials of the value-add of our hardware.
"This is something that can't be done in 'white boxes' and our partners have to buy in to that rather than just pure hardware sales," Perry says.