Disabled people are still getting a raw deal with it comes to employment, regardless of the levels of skills they bring to the party. 

IT-focused recruitment company Abacus Recruitment recently launched a division focusing on placing disabled candidates. While it reports that there is some interest from the market, it is still appalled at the level of disinterest and apathy coming from the corporate sector, which appears to eschew the concept of employing skilled disabled personnel.
Heloise Conradie, who heads up the special disabled recruitment division for Abacus, says that the division is starting to gain momentum, but it battling to cope with "a deluge" of candidates.
“We have only placed a fraction of our disabled candidates since February," she says. "While we remain bullish about the division, what we have realized is that there is a huge pool of skilled people out there who are simply being ignored due to the fact that they are disabled.
"Since we started successfully placing candidates we have had an increasing number of disabled candidates approaching us for assistance. But right now, we are only successfully placing a fraction of them.
"What I find rather amazing – and disappointing – is that many of them have skills that can be of real benefit to companies, even though they are disabled."