South Africa will soon get two new marine cables linking it to Europe and the US, while government has unveiled initial plans to roll out its recently-announced ICT for All project. 


I-Net Bridge reports that President Thabo Mbeki has promised the two undersea cables following the cabinet's July lekgotla.
The lekgotla once again raised the issue of high communications costs, which is seen as an obstacle to growth.
I-Net Bridge reports that the major focus over the next few months will be in expanded investment in infrastructure to increase the country's national and international connectivity and reduce ICT costs; and the implementation of the information and development plan, approved by cabinet earlier this year, to increase uptake and usage of ICT by government as a means of improving service delivery.
For the latter project, post offices will be used as access points, transforming into multi-purpose community centres.
Meanwhile, Sentech is to roll out the core national wireless broadband network for government service delivery while Infraco, will lay a fibre optic cable linking the country's economic centres.