Local technology manufacturer Tellumat has been awarded a contract by Armscor, to supply point-to-point digital microwave radio links in an upgrade and expansion to the national command and control network of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). 

Tellumat was recently also named the sole supplier of similar links to Neotel, while its ongoing supply to Telkom with the same technology is well-publicised. Microwave links are commonly used to connect remote sites providing access to networks.
Tellumat is further recognised for its expertise in WiMax, widely considered to be the answer to speedy broadband rollout in South Africa. It also boasts know-how in radio and mobile communications, telecommunications (including call centre technology) as well as unmanned aerial vehicle links.
Tellumat's products and installation expertise have been deployed around the globe and could be useful to the SANDF in its deployments into Africa, says Brian Ferguson, marketing & sales manager for Tellumat Defence.
Geoff Carey, GM of the Wireless Solutions business unit, says the Armscor contract is an influential endorsement of Tellumat’s expertise, with the equipment under consideration having been designed, developed and manufactured locally.
“This contract shows the belief of the market in our ability and capacity, which extends beyond enterprise-grade communications equipment to kit which satisfies the requirements of military customers in terms of reliability and security.”
Ferguson adds that Tellumat’s involvement covers the entire lifecycle of the products, from manufacturing, installation, commissioning and repairs, in a full turnkey delivery. Tellumat will make low-to-medium capacity links. These products traverse the entire frequency spectrum of fixed point-to-point microwave transmission (7-38 GHz).