Eight additional parties have joined the English Premier League and Bourne & Co in their lawsuit against Google and its online video sharing site, YouTube, for deliberately encouraging copyright infringement.

Reuters reports that among the new litigants are the National Music Publishers' Association, the Rugby Football League, the Finnish Football League Association and author Daniel Quinn.
It says video programming owners have teamed up against YouTube, charging it with encouraging copyright infringement to generate public attention and boost traffic to its site.
Google has said it is abiding by existing law that protect Internet services from being liable for what is on their networks so long as they respond promptly to complaints.
In a statement released by the Premier League, spokesman Dan Johnson says: "The clear and growing message to YouTube and Google is simple: their callous and opportunistic business model is contrary to right, contrary to law, and must and will be stopped."
Reuters says Google did not have immediate comment on the new parties joining the suit.