Internet service provider (ISP) XDSL has slashed its ADSL pricing and, in addition, is providing its customers with the convenience of receiving a single account for their ADSL service. 


Danie Fourie, director at XDSL, says: "Previously, XDSL provided the ISP billing to its customers while Telkom billed for the ADSL portion of the analogue line. Telkom now allows ISPs to order ADSL lines and bill their customers directly for both the ISP and ADSL line components. This provides customers with the convenience of receiving a single account for the complete ADSL service."

XDSL has also significantly reduced its price of its ADSL service, a direct result of Telkom's reduction of both wholesale and end user pricing.
A 384kbps 1Gb ADSL package is available from XDSL for R169.00 excluding VAT from 1 August 2007. This is one of the most affordable ADSL packages in the local market. 
Says Fourie: "The local market deserves to pay competitive rates for broadband connectivity and we are hoping to see further improvements in price and performance." 
XDSL installs the ADSL line on behalf of its customers which significantly reduces the 'time to install' from placing the order. XDSL is also making its ADSL packages (with the exception of its 'uncapped' ADSL option) more attractive by not tying its customers into lengthy contracts.
Furthermore, XDSL has taken the administration 'hassle factor' out of ordering additional bandwidth where customers exceed their limits. An 'overflow' option is available to clients where they are automatically billed per additional Gb – up to 2Gb at R63.00 per Gb excluding VA. – if they exceed their allocated 'cap' or threshold.  XDSL's Webadmin facility, a self management tool, allows customers to activate this service.