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McAfee drives mobile security for Linux


McAfee, has officially become a core member of the LiMo Foundation and will use McAfee will use its mobile security expertise to enhance the end-user experience for the world's first global Linux-based software platform for mobile devices.

Early industry participation of security vendors will be a critical component for mobile devices as new standards enter into the market.
McAfee will work closely with other members of the LiMo Foundation, using its knowledge of mobile threats and its history of working with mobile carriers
to ensure end-users have a safe, best-in-class mobile user experience.
McAfee's flexible and proven Mobile Security Platform has been deployed in more than 50-million devices worldwide. And as of today McAfee is the first and only vendor, which has substantial experience with the integration of mobile security in mobile devices run by Linux Operating systems.
"LiMo Foundation is delighted to have McAfee as a core member," says Kiyohito Nagata, senior vice president at NTT DoCoMo and chairperson of the LiMo Foundation. "McAfee will provide tremendous value through its extensive experience in protecting mobile devices and help create a safe world-class mobile Linux platform."
Victor Kouznetsov, senior vice-president of Mobile Security at McAfee, adds: "McAfee is excited to have the opportunity to work with the members of the LiMo Foundation to bring Linux into the mobile realm.
"Linux is a proven platform which is set to expand to wireless networks, mobile services and the
delivery of multimedia content. McAfee will work with the members of the LiMo Foundation to ensure a safe mobile user experience to this fast-growing sector
of the market."
McAfee will implement its Mobile Security Risk Management approach in its coordinated efforts with the LiMo Foundation, which enables service providers
to understand and mitigate security risks to their businesses, protect their customers and avoid the negative impact on their brands that can result from malicious attacks.