The roll-out of eFiling for individual returns is still on hold as SARS (SA Revenue Services) attempts to iron out problems with the Internet-based system. 

The organisation was unable to give a definite date for the resumation of the service, beyond an assurance that it will be this week.
Last Monday (6 August), SARS opened up its eFiling facility to a broad audience but quickly shut it down when performance issues became apparent.
In a statement, the tax authority explains that a pilot phase went well and the system performed robustly.
"However, when we opened the facility to a wider pool of taxpayers, we received feedback of performance problems with the system," reads the statement.
"SARS is now doing further work and more tests to the internet system to eradicate the problems experienced by our early income tax eFilers. We prefer to attend to these issues before opening the eFiling facility for wider use and to ensure the best possible product for taxpayers."