Duxbury Networking has announced the arrival of the Netgear SC101T – Storage Central Turbo device. An advanced network storage platform that accommodates two serial ATA hard drives of any size, the SC101T provides lightning-fast network-attached storage, perfect for home and small to medium sized business use.

“The demand for storage is greater than ever,” says Graham Duxbury, managing director of Duxbury Networking. “Small to medium sized businesses need competent storage solutions due to compliance and other factors, while home users have increasingly large collections of digital media, be it music, pictures or video, which needs to be safely stored and occupies large amounts of physical drive space.”
The SC101T meets this demand – and then some. Housing two drives allows for massive amounts of storage space and being network attached means that storage is available for all computers and users on the home or business network.
“This is the next generation of Netgear’s bestselling Storage Area Network (SAN) product line,” says Duxbury. “It is the industry’s most versatile, high-performance, affordable networked storage solution designed for sharing and protecting digital assets and data.”
The SC101T incorporates Zetera’s powerful Z-SAN Storage-over-IP technology for reliable and secure network data transfers. The device also supports gigabit Ethernet speeds for the fastest possible transfer rates.
“The SC101T is also equipped with disk mirroring to help protect valuable data from being lost,” explains Duxbury. “When using this technology, data is protected even if one of the hard drives in the device should fail.
“What’s more, advanced backup and synchronisation software from SmartSync is included with the product, which protects data automatically by making real-time copies on two separate hard drives,” he adds. “New disc volumes can be configured as public or private and password protected ensuring maximum security for sensitive files.”
With the growing demand for dedicated and scalable network storage devices, the SC101T delivers high value to home and small to medium sized business customers.
“Affordable, easy to maintain, super-fast and reliable – the SC101T is the perfect storage solution, whether you need a streamlined device for storing your business files, or a safe place to keep precious digital media,” says Duxbury.