The frenzy among international vendors appointing as many South African distributors as they can manage seems to be continuing unabated, with Toshiba the latest manufacturer to join the fray in signing up Drive Control (DCC) as an additional distributor for its range of notebook computers.

"DCC allows us to reach a relatively untapped market with its corporate-focused reseller base," says Ivan Doubell, channel manager at Toshiba South Africa. "This effectively spreads our offering to a wider audience, allowing us to capture market share in a new area."
DCC has initially shipped eight models, but has access to Toshiba's entire range.
"We have seen a marked interest in notebooks which is a direct result of the shift from desktop PCs to notebooks that offer greater mobility and flexibility," says Jenny Rex, sales director at DCC. "Already notebooks sales have overtaken desktop sales, making it crucial for us to offer a strong brand and reliable product."
In terms of support, Toshiba says it is in the process of establishing countrywide support centres that will handle all repairs and warranties for DCC's resellers and their end user clients.