Leveraging on its acquisition of Infrant Technologies, Netgear has announced a new range of enterprise-level network attached storage devices for home and small to medium sized business users, available from Duxbury Networking.

Duxbury Networking has announced the availability of Netgear’s new industry-leading network attached storage products in the ReadyNAS range. These storage devices have been designed to provide reliable, highly available large data storage solutions to the home and SMB markets.
“The acquisition of Infrant Technologies aids Netgear’s strategy of expanding its product portfolio with powerful network storage devices,” says Graham Duxbury, MD of Duxbury Networking. “The ReadyNAS range of products brings technologies such as X-RAID to home and SMB customers, whereas they were previously only feasible at the enterprise level.”
He explains that the advantages of ReadyNAS technology have already been acknowledged in the market with the ReadyNAS NV centralised NAS device receiving a prestigious PC World Reward as on of the “100 Best Products of 2007”. The product was positioned at number eight on the list of top 100.
The NV offers affordable centralised storage with high reliability and robust security. It is a single, safe and effective data storage solution packed with technology usually reserved for enterprise-level servers.
“The ReadyNAS NV is perfect for home users with large collections of digital media or small to medium sized business users requiring secure, high-speed network storage,” says Duxbury.
“Home users have increasingly large collections of photographs, videos, music and other digital data,” he continues. “This precious data needs reliable storage as people preserve their memories in digital formats. For small to medium sized business users, storage demands are greater than ever due to legal compliance and other requirements.”
Duxbury says that the ReadyNAS NV is the perfect solution for these growing data storage demands, offering not only large capacity, but also the required security and data integrity.
Thanks to gigabit Ethernet technology, the NV is capable of rapid data transfer speeds over its network connection. The product also uses RAID technology to provide full data access and redundancy with built-in protection even when hard drives fail or need to be swapped.
“Data is striped using Netgear’s proprietary X-RAID technology,” affirms Duxbury. “So even if one hard drive fails, the ReadyNAS NV preserves data, preventing loss. Likewise, if storage capacity needs to be upgraded a larger hard drive can be inserted into the redundant array via one of the four hard drive bays seamlessly and without threatening the data already saved on the device.”
The NV also works with Windows, Mac and Linux making it a powerful solution for any computing environment.
The ReadyNAS NV has been launched alongside the ReadyNAS 1100, which offers the same technology in a rack-mountable chassis. The NV supports storage sizes up to two terabytes, while the 1100 is capable of maintaining arrays up to three terabytes in size.
The products have USB ports that can be used for printers, wireless adapters and other devices and ship with powerful software for automated data backups. ReadyNAS products also have a built-in iTunes server so that music stored on the device can be streamed to computers on the network.
“The ReadyNAS range is ready to meet the growing challenges for data storage being expressed by home and small to medium sized business users,” says Duxbury. “The devices are affordable, reliable, secure, robust and easy to use offering a powerful network attached storage solution.”