And the most dangerous celebrity in cyberspace is … Paris Hilton. 

Cybercrooks are now using popular celebrities’ names to infiltrate users' PCs and make money with spyware, adware, spam – and even gather information to commit ID theft.
McAfee recently immersed itself in the glamorous celebrity world to see who's hot and who's not in cyberspace.
Fresh from her spell in jail, Paris Hilton is ranked as the most dangerous celebrity in the cyberworld – with her name being associated with the most "unsafe" websites.
The top 10 awards for the most dangerous celebrities in cyberspace go to:
1 – Paris Hilton
2 – Amy Winehouse
3 – Cristiano Ronaldo
4 – Britney Spears
5 – Heidi Klum
6 – Pete Doherty, Valentino Rossi
7 – José Mourinho
8 – Madeleine Bernadotte (Royal Princess in Sweden)
9 – Charlize Theron, Elisabetta Canalis and Nicolas Sarkozy
10 – Antonio Banderas.