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McAfee protects against 14 Microsoft vulnerabilities


McAfee has announced that it provides coverage for the 14 security vulnerabilities disclosed by Microsoft las week.

These vulnerabilities have been reviewed by McAfee Avert Labs, and based on their findings, McAfee recommends that users confirm the Microsoft product version outlined in the bulletins and update as recommended by Microsoft and McAfee. This includes deploying solutions to ensure protection against the vulnerabilities outlined in this advisory.
"With nine security bulletins, August 14th was the second-busiest Patch Tuesday this year," says Dave Marcus, security research and communications manager at McAfee Avert Labs. "Many of the vulnerabilities addressed by Microsoft's fixes could be exploited if a Windows user simply visits a malicious Web site.
"Microsoft's patches thus again underline the trend of malware writers seeking out the Web browser as a means of attack and reinforce the need of safe browsing habits."
Microsoft vulnerabilities overview:
* MS07-042 – Vulnerability in Microsoft XML Core Services could allow remote code execution
* MS07-043 – Vulnerability in OLE Automation could allow remote code execution
* MS07-044 Vulnerability in Microsoft Excel could allow remote code execution
* MS07-045 Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer
* MS07-046 Vulnerability in GDI could allow remote code execution
* MS07-047 Vulnerability in Windows Media Player could allow remote code execution
* MS07-048 Vulnerabilities in Windows Gadgets could allow remote code execution
* MS07-049 Vulnerability in Virtual PC and Virtual Server could allow elevation of privilege
* MS07-050 Vulnerability in Vector Markup Language could allow remote code execution.
The nine security bulletins cover a total of 14 vulnerabilities. Six of the bulletins are rated critical by Microsoft due to their potential for remote code execution. Three bulletins are deemed important.