Concilium Technologies has introduced its latest version of Airmagnet's wireless security and performance troubleshooting solution to the local market, the Laptop Analyzer.

AirMagnet's Laptop Analyzer provides a management and security facility for Wi-Fi networks which automatically detects and alerts the user to wireless intrusions, infiltration attempts and hijacking strategies.
Supporting the Laptop Analyzer is the AirWISE engine which provides the wireless professionals the ability to monitor their networks performance and security in one device, thereby allowing them to immediately troubleshoot their network with professional advice.
The AirWISE will provide the user with explanations, causes and solutions for almost all of their network solutions. AirWISE allows the user to seek out and  isable unwanted or rogue wireless devices which interfere with their networks security and performance.
"The AirMagnet is not vendor specific and it therefore accommodates almost all providers out there. It's very easy to use and is intuitive," says Andrew Lees the internal sales team leader at Concilium Technologies.
The AirWISE features include:
* Automatically detecting the root-cause of dozens of Wi-Fi issues
* Eliminating the need for users to manually interpret complex packet decodes and wireless data by taking the proactive role of identifying and explaining more than 130 threats and performance issues before they impact the network
* The interface explains alarms in straightforward detail, provides access to additional  diagnostic data, and offers advice on corrective actions.
"You will find that you don't have to wade through series of menus to find what you are looking for making the AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer engine more user friendly and results driven," says Lees.