Google is suffering the usual fate of the very-successful – it's become a target for lawsuits. 

In one instance, American Airlines is suing the search engine for selling search words involving its name.
Apparently, Google has sold search terms like "American Airlines" or "" to other companies advertising on the site.
These terms are trademarked, says the airline, so Google shouldn't be selling them.
In a rather more serious instance, anti-trust bodies in the US are looking into Google's recent $1,3-billion purchase of DoubleClick, and European regulators are about to do the same.
Meanwhile, open source programmers are busy developing Google alternatives which may detract users from the market-leading search engine.
Google detractors are saying that its acquisition of DoubleClick will help it dominate the Internet advertising market. They also cite the company's collection of users' behaviour data as a threat to consumer privacy.