The Regulation of Interception of Communication & Provision of Communication-Related Information Amendment Bill, which has been tabled in Parliament, will include new measures to ensure that cellular phone networks provide the correct physical address for their clients. 

According to an article in Business Report, the draft bill was referred to the national council of provinces last year, but has since been amended to include those living in informal settlements as among those who need to be registered by the cellular network companies.
The Regulation of Interception of Communications Act (Rica) stipulates the circumstances under which an individual's communications can be intercepted or recorded. It also says cellular network providers have to supply the equipment that would allow authorities to intercept calls.
Now, the amendment means that service providers would have to supply full names, identity numbers and addresses for all subscribers, at their own cost.
These details must all be available within one year.
The details required, according to Business Report, include the MSISDN number; the cellphone number; the cellphone handset number; and the IMSI number, which is a number allocated to a SIM card for identification purposes.
The bill would also apply to pre-paid users.