Local Trust distributor Workgroup has announced the local availability of Trust's GM-4600, an enhanced performance gaming mouse that offering higher resolution and many other gamer targeted properties.

This lightweight gamer mouse, with smooth XXL Teflon feet, guarantees smooth movements, faster reactions, and improved balance, says Arnold Janse van
Rensburg, Trust product manager. "Thanks to the ergonomic design, with a rubber top layer for a comfortable and firm grip, the mouse is suitable for long gaming sessions."
Janse van Rensburg says that resolution of the seven-button gamer mouse can be altered while playing games. With the push of one button, the resolution can be changed in five steps from 600dpi to 2 000dpi, so that the user can choose between ultimate precision and warp-speed acceleration.
"An indicator in the scroll wheel uses different colours to indicate the chosen resolution," he says. "Furthermore, it is possible to separately adjust the horizontal and vertical sensitivity. True gamers will recognise the class of the mouse by its technical properties."
Thanks to the 5.8 megapixel/second image processing, a maximum of 15 g acceleration tracking and one metre/second speed, the gamer mouse ensures accurate tracking, even for high-speed movements.
The GM-4600 has a triple fire button for fire fights and close-combat situations. With this special mouse button, users are able to fire three times with only one click, which offers a slight advantage. Furthermore, the lightweight USB cable causes less of a hindrance and provides optimal freedom of movement.